Sometimes, Every damn time

Sometimes I take a break from writing when the next word I type increases the final page count from ten to eleven.

Sometimes I use said break to search for shower curtains on Amazon.

Every time I get offended when Amazon has the nerve, has the nerve (I say in my Robert Plant, “Since I’ve been loving you voice”) to show me items that are not Amazon Prime.

At no time do I need that in my life Amazon. Not when I’m trying to cut words to make a contest entry exactly ten pages.


2018 Sonia Sanchez-Langston Hughes Poetry Contest

Got a socially engaged poem? Split This Rock sponsors a national poetry contest that serves to “raise the visibility and prestige of poetry of provocation and witness.”

First place $500; 2nd and 3rd place, $250 each. Winning poems will be published on Split This Rock’s website and in The Quarry: A Social Justice Poetry Database.

Deadline: Nov 1, 2017.

Check out the website for more and good luck!

The three -ing’s

Hello beautiful people! Sorry for the recent silence. I am in the midst of the three -ing’s. Writing, revising and relocating. All three of which are going pretty well.

Last week, I moved half way across the country, revised three poems and finally filled in all the gaps in my novel, which was a daunting, but worthwhile affair. Now, I just have to remember that I need to catch a plane to Mexico next Saturday ( I keep forgetting for reals, I need Gingko) and I’ll be good.

I’ll catch up with you all with more random musings next week, but in the meantime, I’d like to leave you with info an upcoming Poetry contest at the New Guardian Review. Fifteen hundred clams for the best poem in any form! Not too shabby.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 3.37.50 PM

Check it out in the link below and happy writing!

Call for Submissions

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS from my writing friend Joy Deva Baglio. For musicians, artists, and writers…

Hey friends! This fall, I’ll be guest-editing an issue of — a unique literary journal that features one short story + one image + a one-song soundtrack – each by a different, underexposed artist – for a collaborative, multi-media storytelling experience — and I’m putting out a first call for submissions. If you like the sound of this and if you have a piece of fiction ready (or close), I’d love to consider your work!  I’m also very happy to consider pieces that have fallen to the wayside, but, for whatever reason, you’ve had a hard time abandoning. If the piece has a spark, we can certainly work on it together if it’s selected for the issue. I’m more interested in exciting, risky, yet flawed stories than in the competent, predictable, and safe. 
TO SUBMIT: Send short stories (1,000-4,000 words) and a brief bio to me at by Sunday, August 20, 2017.

Please use the email subject line “Storychord fiction submission.”

Feel free to email (or FB message) me with any questions!
Lastly, if you have musician or visual artist friends, pass this along to them and encourage them to submit a song and/or image as well!
Feel free to email (or FB message) me with any questions! 

Random: Comedy Gold

So, I’m sitting here trying to figure out why it takes my main character nine pages to walk a hundred yards and my son keeps coming over and pitching ideas for a comedy sketch.

This kid wants to do stand-up so bad and I want to encourage his comedy genius. However, at this point, I feel that all of his comedy routines will start with, “there was that one time when my mom…”.

Yeah, he definitely needs to meet more people and have more subject matter before he takes his show on the road.

Happy Sunday writing everyone!